Speaking Tip: First, Make Things Simple for YOU

Speaking Tip: First, Make Things Simple for YOU

Have you ever noticed that when people are making a business presentation, they make the story sound super complicated? However, often once the Q&A rounds begin, they can give simple, coherent answers. As an audience we collectively think, “Why didn’t you just say that in the presentation?”

We see this all the time in our coaching. The pressure of the formal presentation causes people to make things more complicated than they have to be. But when the presentation is over, and we ask those simple questions, the story always seems to become far easier to understand.

So what is the solution? Pretty simple, actually:

1. In your preparation, ask yourself simple questions, like “What is my goal?” Or, “What am I recommending?” Or, “Why should they say ‘yes’ to my idea?” Or, “What help do I need from the audience?”

2. Write your answers down.

3. When the presentation starts just say all the stuff you wrote down.

It’s not that simple, you say?

Actually… it is.

Just. Tell. People. What. You. Think/Want/Need/Recommend.

LatimerNext can help you learn how to make things simple for your audience, so you will have a competitive advantage.

Period. Full stop.


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