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Upskill Your Communication for What's Next

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Sell Yourself Course


Communicate with influence in your job search and demystify the process to think like a recruiter and advocate for yourself and what you believe.

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Powerful Presenter Course


Advance by enhancing your skills to leadership and executive levels. Ensure your audience not only hears you but also cares about your message and is persuaded to act.

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1-on-1 Coaching


Coaching with a cohesive methodology that follows The Latimer Model and is proven to prepare you for whatever is next in your journey.

Practice Makes Progress

Simple Methodology

Immediately applicable

Repeatable process

Goal-based learning

Experiential Learning

Real-world scenarios

Personalized feedback

Deliberate practice

Transformational Change

Improved competence

Greater confidence

Enduring impact

Featuring The Latimer Model

A structured, repeatable process to use throughout your life and career.

Coached for over 20 years among leaders and executives across the globe.

Partners Utilizing The Latimer Model:

Our Mission

We believe great communication skills create opportunities, build connections and drive change.

We empower the next generation of business leaders with the communication skills to advocate for themselves and what they believe.

We coach these skills through engaging learning experiences designed for business success.

LatimerNext Is Designed On The Successful Foundation of The Latimer Group

In 2002, The Latimer Group began as one inspired entrepreneur’s dream: a new kind of communication coaching, one that envisioned a world where anyone can be a persuasive, next-level speaker. And clients responded. A clear need existed for customized, simple frameworks that defined communication as a set of specific, improvable skills.

As The Latimer Group and its network of client partners have grown, the executives, leaders and participants in their corporate workshops began encouraging them to share these proven methods with individuals like yourself… individuals with the same ambition, looking to get established in the corporate world. And from that encouragement, LatimerNext was born.

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The Latimer Model Reaches Around The World

Through The Latimer Group and LatimerNext, The Latimer Model has been coached in over 20 countries across the globe

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