Powerful Presenter Course

LatimerNext believes the best way to enhance your communication skills is by communicating. The self-paced course contains many opportunities for you to practice your self. Adding coaching gives that practice more meaning, purpose and impact. 

Select your number of coaching sessions to accompany the course. Coaching sessions allow for strategy discussions, mock presentations, situational preparedness and more.

'Powerful Presenter' Course Overview

Part I – Introduction:

Chapter 1 – Think Differently About Communication 

Chapter 2 – The Latimer Model

Part II – Assess: 

Chapter 3 – Allocentric Awareness
Chapter 4 – Listening is a Skill
Chapter 5 – Persuasion & Leverage

Part III – Message:

Chapter 6 – GAP Method
Chapter 7 – Story Board Method

Chapter 8 – Power of Storytelling

Part IV – Document:

Chapter 9 – What Document is Needed When
Chapter 10 – Frame, Fill, Finish

Part V – Deliver:

Chapter 11 – Degrees of Delivery

Chapter 12 – Managing Nerves

Chapter 13 – Virtual Presence

Meet your 'Powerful Presenter' Facilitators

Dean Brenner, CEO and Founder of The Latimer Group

Dean Brenner

Dean Brenner is the CEO and Founder of LatimerNext and its parent company, The Latimer Group. Dean has spent the last twenty years coaching and training powerful persuasive communication skills inside some of the best known corporations in the world. And now he brings that same expertise, energy and focus to LatimerNext.

Lauren St Germain Headshot

Lauren St. Germain

Lauren St. Germain is a Corporate Leader turned Certified Coach and Facilitator. Early in her career, she realized that it was not enough to simply “crunch the numbers” and quickly learned that if she wanted to stand out, she needed strong communication skills to clearly tell the story of what those numbers meant and why they were important to her audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The greatest differentiator in the corporate world is persuasive communication. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, pitch a new initiative, boost your sales numbers or get funding for your next great idea, you need to be a powerful presenter.

This course is designed to increase influence and persuasion by learning, practicing and improving all aspects of communication.

Connect with your audience, generate consensus and get your message heard in a noisy world.

All private coaching sessions will be booked to your timing needs. LatimerNext coaches operate before, during and after business hours to ensure flexibility for our clients.

Self-Paced learning requires no scheduling, as there are no scheduled sessions, allowing for the most flexibility. 

The term e-learning has become synonymous with a reactive approach of instructing, generally watching videos with basic tips and tricks. 

We differentiate ourselves at LatimerNext drastically from cheap or free alternatives and for those reasons we do not use the term e-learning.

Each LatimerNext experience includes personalized feedback, on your message, document and delivery skills. We believe you cannot take strides in your communication without practicing and receiving feedback.

This course also features The Latimer Model, a proven, repeatable set of frameworks hones and coached to leaders across the globe for 20 years. This proprietary methodology is proven to enhance communications skills and provide a repeatable set of tools to be reused by our clients throughout their careers. 

If we are not able to accommodate your needs through scheduling or logistics, LatimerNext has a lenient refund or reallocation policy.  We are a service first business, and our value is in the satisfaction of our clients. 

Upon enrolling in the course, you will get access to the the Latimer Network where the self-paced learning is housed within 24 hours. You will also be contacted about scheduling coaching sessions in that time, and coaching can commence as soon as possible depending on your plan and our availability.

Throughout this course, you will build a presentation alongside the self-paced learning. At various checkpoints, you will have opportunities to upload documents and recordings of your delivery for feedback. You will walk away with a powerful presentation, ready to build consensus and drive change.

Beyond that short term takeaway, the true value will be your skill transformation. You will learn The Latimer Model, and all the subsequent frameworks within which will completely reshape the way you think about communication and leave you with a repeatable model to follow for each and every subsequent presentation, meeting, email or whatever is next in your career. 

  • Mindset shift: Think about communication differently
  • Toolset shift: Learn a repeatable process that will lead to consistent preparation
  • Skillset shift: Use your skills to connect and be heard