Personal Narrative Course

LatimerNext believes the best way to enhance your communication skills is by communicating. The self-paced course contains many opportunities for you to practice yourself. Adding coaching gives that practice more meaning, purpose and impact. 

Select your number of coaching sessions to accompany the course. Coaching sessions allow for strategy discussions, practice, anlysis, and more.

'Personal Narrative' Course Overview

Module I – Introduction:

– We are Built to Connect

– Command Attention

Module II – Mindset:

– First Impression; Lasting Reputation
– Mindset for Connection

– Self-Awareness & Self-Advocacy 

– Audience Awareness

Module III – Toolset:

– GAP Method
– Personal Pitch

Module IV – Skillset:

– Story Telling Brings Connection
– Story Ideas

– Storytelling Techniques 

– Degrees of Delivery

Meet your 'Personal Narrative' Facilitators

Dean Brenner, CEO and Founder of The Latimer Group

Dean Brenner

Dean Brenner is the CEO and Founder of LatimerNext and its parent company, The Latimer Group. Dean has spent the last twenty years coaching and training powerful persuasive communication skills inside some of the best known corporations in the world. And now he brings that same expertise, energy and focus to LatimerNext.

Lauren St Germain Headshot

Lauren St. Germain

Lauren St. Germain is a Corporate Leader turned Certified Coach and Facilitator. Early in her career, she realized that it was not enough to simply “crunch the numbers” and quickly learned that if she wanted to stand out, she needed strong communication skills to clearly tell the story of what those numbers meant and why they were important to her audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course will strengthen your communication skills by empowering you to form stronger connections through self-disclosure and to be more confident when doing so. When we open up more of ourselves, our stories, our experiences, we connect with people and they connect with us. We gain relatability, credibility, and perceived confidence. Developing your personal narrative will prepare you to distill your long, complex background into a succinct story for you to use as versatile tool: introducing yourself as a presenter, at a networking event, meeting new colleagues, and so much more. 

Many of us struggle to introduce ourselves and capture our story in a clear, concise way. We often feel awkward talking about ourselves and drawing attention to our assets and accomplishments. We are missing out on important opportunities to demonstrate our value and potential.

If you will find value in tapping into your background as part of your business story, this course will help you translate those experiences into a cohesive, persuasive, outcome-oriented for of communication.

The term e-learning has become synonymous with a reactive approach of instructing, generally watching videos with basic tips and tricks. 

We differentiate ourselves at LatimerNext drastically from cheap or free alternatives and for those reasons we do not use the term e-learning.

Each LatimerNext experience includes personalized feedback, on your message, document and delivery skills. We believe you cannot take strides in your communication without practicing and receiving feedback.

This course also features The Latimer Model, a proven, repeatable set of frameworks hones and coached to leaders across the globe for 20 years. This proprietary methodology is proven to enhance communications skills and provide a repeatable set of tools to be reused by our clients throughout their careers. 

If we are not able to accommodate your needs through scheduling or logistics, LatimerNext has a lenient refund or reallocation policy.  We are a service first business, and our value is in the satisfaction of our clients. 

Upon enrolling in the course, you will get access to the the Latimer Network where the self-paced learning is housed within 24 hours. You will also be contacted about scheduling coaching sessions in that time, and coaching can commence as soon as possible depending on your plan and our availability.

Through this course we can help make powerful and effective communication easier and simpler for you. We break this course into three sections: mindset, toolset, and skillset. Together, these sections will empower you to develop your personal narrative and amass the strategies, frameworks and confidence required to adjust and deliver it in any scenario.