LatimerNext Is Designed On The Successful Foundation of The Latimer Group

In 2002, The Latimer Group began as one inspired entrepreneur’s dream and 20 years later now represents a new kind of communication coaching, one that envisions a world where anyone can be a persuasive, next-level communicator. The Latimer Model fills an indisputable need across corporate America for customized, simple frameworks that define communication as a set of specific, repeatable skills.

Today, The Latimer Group is a dynamic organization that partners with large, multinational companies, yet the founding principles and approach to teaching remains the same — engaging each individual participant and bringing The Latimer Model to life.

As business leaders continue to learn and utilize The Latimer Model to influence and persuade audiences around the world, The Latimer Group envisioned a opportunity to share these same proven methods and frameworks with individuals like yourself, individuals with the same ambition as those working at The Latimer Group partner firms, and the same need for enhanced communication skills. The vehicle for this new expansion became known as:

LatimerNext was founded on three core premises:


Powerful communication skills create a competitive advantage in every company and in every industry;


Communication is a learned skill that can always be improved;


Mainstream academic institutions do not provide the communication skills development required in the modern business world.

Today, LatimerNext empowers NextGen leaders through engaging, instructive and interactive virtual experiences. Join a LatimerNext course or coaching session to gain a competitive advantage by enhancing your communication skills for what’s next.

LatimerNext Mission:

We believe great communication skills create opportunities, build connections and drive change.

We empower the next generation of business leaders with the communication skills to advocate for themselves and what they believe.

We coach these skills through engaging learning experiences designed for business success.

We believe great communication skills create opportunities, build connections and drive change.

We empower the next generation of business leaders with the communication skills to advocate for themselves and what they believe.

We coach these skills through engaging learning experiences designed for business success.

Partners Utilizing The Latimer Model:

Our Leadership Team:

Dean Brenner, CEO and Founder of The Latimer Group

Dean Brenner, CEO & Founder, The Latimer Group & LatimerNext

Dean Brenner is the CEO and Founder of LatimerNext and its parent company, The Latimer Group. Dean has spent the last twenty years coaching and training powerful persuasive communication skills inside some of the best known corporations in the world. And now he brings that same expertise, energy and focus to LatimerNext.

The idea for LatimerNext was born during a casual conversation among three friends in the summer of 2020. It flowed out of a recognition that communication skills were becoming more and more critical every single day, especially for young adults looking to enter the job market. With that simple realization, LatimerNext was born.

Dean loves empowering the people in his life through the development of strong communication skills. And that love is now directed at the LatimerNext community, with the creation of a new company that empowers the next generation of business leaders.

In addition to his Latimer life, Dean spent more than twenty years directly involved with the United States Olympic Sailing Program, as an alternate on the 2000 Olympic Team, and then eventually as the Chairman and Team Leader for the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Teams. Dean cheers passionately for his beloved New York Yankees, and his dominant fantasy football team. He and his family reside in central Connecticut.

Jacob Ward, Managing Director and Co-Founder, LatimerNext

Dean and Jacob met just as the idea of spreading The Latimer Model beyond corporations was taking root. Sharing a passion for the Yankees, empowering others, and growing businesses, the two partnered at the start of 2021, and Jacob took on the challenge of taking the idea of LatimerNext and designing, launching and growing it into a company. 

Jake had always regarded the public speaking course he took in college as the most important, yet most challenging. His key takeaways were that practicing always seemed harder than presenting itself, yet when he didn’t practice, presenting became even more daunting. His goal for LatimerNext is to design a system that takes the pain out of preparation and practice, by providing proven, digestible, repeatable frameworks within a supportive, cooperative environment.

At LatimerNext, Jacob runs the day-to-day operations of the company, and also ensures to set time aside to support learners as an occasional coach, facilitator, and mentor.

LatimerNext is built as a service-first business. It treats learners, partners, employees and the community with an Allocentric Mindset.

Robert Mapstead, Director of Learning and Instructional Design, LatimerNext

Learning is hard work. Especially when you do it alone.

Whether you are learning a technical skill like the Python programming language or a keystone skill like Communication, these learning activities are most deeply experienced when we act on the knowledge we learn through sharing and teaching others.

Studies show that if you only learn through reading or lecture, you may retain just 10% of what you have learned. This is the method utilized by most online self-paced courses. However, if you practice by doing and teaching others, your retention rate soars to 75-90%.

Robert has 33 years’ experience developing learning activities that feature “Learn by Doing” and “Learn by Teaching” methods. At LatimerNext, you will not just learn knowledge, you will apply knowledge and become proficient in the skill you are learning. 

Will Ricketson, Director of Marketing, The Latimer Group & LatimerNext

Will leads the  Marketing efforts, and is also an integral member of the sales process. Will’s list of skills is long, but his superpower is his ability to listen deeply for what is really going on in any situation. He hears everything you are saying, and even some things you are not saying, and has ability to crystallize things down to their essence. Will s driven to help new audiences find and benefit from LatimerNext and our parent company, The Latimer Group.

Before joining the Latimer team, Will was the communications leader for the US Sailing Team at three Olympic and Paralympic Games (2012, 2016 and 2020), and at the 36th America’s Cup in 2021 for American Magic..

When he is not at work, Will’s happy place is on any sailboat, or with his nose buried in any history book he can find. He and his wife are currently in the midst of a “this old house” style restoration of their 122-year-old farmhouse on the south coast of Massachusetts, where they live with their puppy Seamus.

Hanna Tedros, Facilitator and Coach, LatimerNext

Hanna Tedros is an engaging facilitator and leadership development professional. Over the last decade she has developed and delivered programs that have helped thousands of professionals be more effective communicators, coaches, interviewers, and overall leaders.

Throughout her career she has had the opportunity to partner with a variety of industries and organizations: delivering job skills training to displaced workers in a major American city, building recruiting programs at a fortune 100 company, and leading a learning transition for a global restaurant chain. 

Hanna has a Master’s degree in Training and Organizational Development from Roosevelt University.

Lauren St. Germain, Facilitator and Coach, LatimerNext

Lauren St. Germain is a Corporate Leader turned Certified Coach and Facilitator. Early in her career, she realized that it was not enough to simply “crunch the numbers” and quickly learned that if she wanted to stand out, she needed strong communication skills to clearly tell the story of what those numbers meant and why they were important to her audience.

Lauren has over a decade of experience in various Finance & Accounting roles where she rose as a leader and as a mentor to many young professionals. Now, she leverages her experience excelling at a Fortune 500 company to help prepare LatimerNext clients develop their own stories for whatever is next in their careers.

In addition to being a Certified Coach, Lauren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Connecticut, a Master of Business Administration from University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Connecticut. She loves to cook, hike and travel. Ask her about her latest adventures in the kitchen or favorite hikes around the world!