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Build resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles that standout and make a compelling case for your skills, experience and potential.

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The interview is a conversation, testing your communication skills most directly.

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What Our Clients Say

John M
John MAerospace Industry
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I once again had an opportunity this week to utilize what I was taught on a presentation to one of our executive directors. There were fewer questions, less confusion on the intent of what the message was, took less time to present, and better responses to the material from the audience... Wish I knew this 30 years ago.
Brian M
Brian MBusiness Operations
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Searching for a job is a pain, but learning the LatimerNext frameworks and methodologies made the process digestible, repeatable and achievable.
Allie G
Allie GBiological Research
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LatimerNext taught me valuable communication skills and strategies, which gave me the confidence I needed to present the best version of myself as I interviewed and searched for jobs.