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Do your interns come away from your program employable?

Do you empower your interns to develop and present original ideas ?

LatimerNext Proven Process

A solution designed for both the intern and the company:

Step 1: Asynchronous Learning
Interns enroll in the self-paced, Powerful Presenter Course, to learn The Latimer Model and come away with tools on becoming persuasive, concise and credible.
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Step 2: Group Facilitation
Inters gather regularly throughout the course with a LatimerNext coach to engage with the learning material, discuss use cases, practice and improve.
Slide 3: Mock Presentations
Throughout the course, each intern develops a pitch for you, the employer. Before presenting to your team, interns receive personalized coaching and peer feedback on their message, documents and overall delivery.
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Step 4: Present New Innitiatives
LatimerNext prepares interns for the opportunity to present the next great idea to your business.

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Learning and Growing Through Communication

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Powerful Presenter Course

Prepare your inters with business level communication skills. Ensure their audience not only hears them but also cares about their message and is persuaded to act.

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Group Facilitation

Interns virtually meet to with LatimerNext facilitators to bring the self paced learning to life.

Practice and Improve with Coaching and Feedback

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Group Coaching Sessions

Each participant gets an opportunity to present to their peers and coach, receiving immediate feedback, a recording of their presentation, and tangible takeaways to improve.

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Mock Presentations

As a capstone project for this course and for their internship, LatimerNext empowers each intern to present fresh new ideas to your team.

Group Oriented

Bring your inters together to learn and grow

Experiential Learning

Real-world scenarios

Personalized feedback

Deliberate practice

Transformational Change

Improved competence

Greater confidence

Ready to hire

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