Communication Skill Development for Teams

Your team spends 70% of their time communicating.
How well do they represent your brand?
We help them become clear and persuasive communicators.

Proven Model & Frameworks

Over 10,000 clients empowered by The Latimer Model around the globe

Practice & Feedback

More than e-learning, LatimerNext coaches provide personalized feedback to empower your team with skills and confidence

Hassle Free Solutions

Quick hitting, impactful programs ready for immediate implementation

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LatimerNext Proven Process

Learn Through Asynchronous Courses

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Powerful Presenter Course

Upskill your team to leadership and executive levels of communication. Ensure their audience not only hears them but also cares about their message and is persuaded to act.

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Business Writing Course

Email, chat and even meeting invites set the stage for the larger conversations that occur as a group. This LatimerNext course focuses on making the greatest impact possible through a keyboard.

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Virtual Presence Course

The expectations for virtual communication have changed and the tools have been enhanced. Virtual presence is now a skill unto itself worthy of investment.

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Personal Narrative Course

This course strengthens communication skills by empowering participants to form stronger connections through self-disclosure and to be more confident when doing so.

Engage and Discuss with Group Facilitation

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Group Facilitation

Get the team together virtually to bring the asynchronous content to life featuring relevant discussions, enlightening examples and an opportunity to discuss opportunities, challenges and growth.

Practice and Improve with Coaching and Feedback

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Group Coaching Sessions

Each participant gets an opportunity to present to their peers and coach, receiving immediate feedback, a recording of their presentation, and tangible takeaways to improve.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Empower your staff with hyper-focused professional development by given them the opportunity to work with a coach on content curated to their specific needs, level and goals.

Two Brands: One Foundational Model

LatimerNext courses for businesses are design out of the enterprise solutions of our parent company, The Latimer Group, which has coached large corporations globally for over twenty years

The Latimer Group partners with some of the largest corporations across the globe. The Latimer Model they have refined over 20 years of coaching, combined with the experience from over 10,000 participants are instilled into the streamlined, targeted solutions provided by LatimerNext.

LatimerNext offers self-paced learning on a wide range of communication topics. Each LatimerNext course includes opportunity for practice and feedback through the Latimer Network, and offers an affordable, scalable approach to corporate training. 

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