Personalized Coaching

We offer coaching with a cohesive methodology that follows The Latimer Model and is proven to prepare you for whatever is next in your journey.

'Personalized Coaching' follows The Latimer Model.
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One-On-One Coaching Plans

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Pay As You Go

One 30-minute session

One-On-One Coaching

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Introduction Package

Save by bundling 3 sessions.

One-On-One Coaching

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6 private sessions paced on your schedule will prepare you for whatever is next in your career.

One-On-One Coaching


Frequently Asked Questions

All private coaching sessions will be booked to your timing needs. LatimerNext coaches operate before, during and after business hours to ensure flexibility for our clients.

If sessions are unable to be scheduled for whatever reason, LatimerNext will issue a refund without questions.

Unlike most coaching offers, a LatimerNext session utilizes the proven methodologies and frameworks of The Latimer Model to structure feedback, design exercises and deliver transformative change to our clients.

If improving your communication is your goal, no matter your intended use case, private coaching sessions are the best way to make immediate strides in your skills. 

All LatimerNext coaches have extensive experience, coaching, facilitating, training, hiring, presenting, pitching, leading businesses and, of course, communicating persuasively.   

To learn more about our team, visit our origins page

LatimerNext coaches work with you to understand your goals and set progress bars to reach.  A coaching session can consist of conversations, mock-interviews, mock presentations and of course, lots of feedback and practice ideas.

The greatest transformation will come from clients who practice on their own between session.  

LatimerNext coaching sessions last 30 minutes. We find this is the right amount of time to make meaningful progress while keeping coaching affordable and accessible to all.

If we are not able to accommodate your needs through scheduling or logistics, LatimerNext has a lenient refund or reallocation policy.  We are a service first business, and our value is in the satisfaction of our clients.