Message Crafting: Breaking Down Blocks

We’ve all experienced it: the blank page, the empty slide deck, the moment before you have to pick up the phone or start a virtual meeting. Any time we need to create something from nothing—whether it is an email, a presentation, a proposal, or a pitch—the potential for a block looms. What if the words […]

Local Consulting Firm Channels 20 Years of Business Executive Training To Boost Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 17, 2022 Wallingford, Conn. – LatimerNext, the Wallingford-based provider of business communication training to companies and individuals worldwide, has announced the completion of a collaborative program with the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW). The partnership between LatimerNext and SCOW enabled the firm to provide a group of SCOW community leaders with […]

Lessons: Presentation Slide Templates Are a Tool, Not a Plan

Putting together a presentation, especially if you have not done so frequently before, can be intimidating. Templates, whether one you chose, or one dictated by your organization, can give you a quick place to start and the reassurance that you’ll have a consistent look and feel. And for many organizations, requiring specific templates can go […]

The True Cost of Poor Communication

We all aspire to be better communicators. We all know that communicating well will help us accomplish our goals, impress our colleagues and our superiors and generate business. We all want to feel confident and project leadership. But while we see the benefits of good communication, we generally think about poor communication as a momentary setback. […]

Five Steps to Make You a Better Storyteller

The primary focus of most LatimerNext courses is enhancing your ability to create and communicate your message — your story — powerfully and persuasively to your audience. Virtually all the work we do points back to that theme of great communication, and great storytelling. Even in the workplace, great stories are what will stand out among your clients and […]