Speaking Tip: First, Make Things Simple for YOU

Have you ever noticed that when people are making a business presentation, they make the story sound super complicated? However, often once the Q&A rounds begin, they can give simple, coherent answers. As an audience we collectively think, “Why didn’t you just say that in the presentation?” We see this all the time in our coaching. […]

Become the “No Distraction” Colleague

We live in a world of distractions, constant and loud. We are expected to be available to everyone all the time. We compete for mindshare with unlimited amounts of content and entertainment, and we have a social media landscape which can turn every day into an all-day conversation with friends all over the world. Quieting the mind, and […]

Speaking Tips: Build Your Message in Three Acts

At the heart of almost everything we teach is the concept of intentionality… preparing and communicating with intention and purpose. Great communication skills don’t just happen. Not without some thought, effort, planning, and yes, intention. In addition to being intentional about your message’s main points, we also encourage being intentional about the structure, sequence and […]

Is Your Team Client-Ready?

Is Your Team Client Ready?

I can’t be in every meeting, I can’t meet with every client or customer, I can’t be everywhere at the same time… and when I am not there, are my colleagues as “client-ready” as I need them to be? Every small business leader I have ever met, regardless of industry or business focus, is worried […]

Need Management Approval? Have These 8 Answers Ready!

In our communication workshops, we work with clients from many countries, across several continents, and of course, in varying age groups: college students seeking their first jobs and internships, young professionals in the infancy of their careers, established professionals ready to take that next step, and leaders in need of next-level skills. In our work […]

Help: My Team Communicates Like College Students

I am a business owner, and have been for twenty years. Every day, one of my top concerns is… Does my team have the skills they need to help me make the business successful? I can’t be everywhere… I can’t be in every conversation or every meeting. I need my team to be able to […]

4 Steps to Editing Your Presentation When Time is Short

It’s a common occurrence in the business world. You prepare a meeting, presentation, or speech for a certain length of time, only to find out that you have a lot less time than you planned for. Sometimes we even learn our fate as we are walking into the presentation. How do you deal when the 45 […]

5 Keys to Building Support Around Your Idea

We spend a lot of time here coaching people on how to get the outcomes they want. And in some cases, the outcome is a sale of a product or a service. But in many cases, the outcome is the “sale” of an idea or a plan. The vast majority of persuasion that happens in […]

What Budding Professionals Need, But Rarely Get

I have two young children, ages 12 and 6 (my youngest would correct me and say “almost 7, daddy.”) Like every other parent, I have a long list of things I think and worry about when it comes to my kids: keeping them safe, getting them educated, helping them develop the social and emotional skills […]

PowerPoint Slides Are Nothing But Risk

According to some sources, more than 30 million business presentations are created each day. Most of them are terrible. We’ve all sat through the proverbial terrible presentation with no purpose, nothing memorable, no clear action items, too many slides, the monotonous drone of the boring presenter. The PowerPoint presentation is an abused and overused method of communication. […]