Business Writing Course

Often overlooked in the context of communication is business writing. Email, chat and meeting invites set the stage for the larger conversations that occur in person or on virtual calls. It is critical to develop enhanced writing skills to be effective, efficient and persuasive through your keyboard.

'Business Writing' follows The Latimer Model. Click each quadrant to learn more:

1. Pricing starts at $195
2. Optional personalized coaching
3. Start upskilling for what's next


1. Schedule a 15 minute call
2. Discuss your goals & ask questions
3. Determine your plan to upskill

Meet your 'Business Writing' Facilitators

Dean Brenner, CEO and Founder of The Latimer Group

Dean Brenner

Dean Brenner is the CEO and Founder of LatimerNext and its parent company, The Latimer Group. Dean has spent the last twenty years coaching and training powerful persuasive communication skills inside some of the best known corporations in the world. And now he brings that same expertise, energy and focus to LatimerNext.

Lauren St Germain Headshot

Lauren St. Germain

Lauren St. Germain is a Corporate Leader turned Certified Coach and Facilitator. Early in her career, she realized that it was not enough to simply “crunch the numbers” and quickly learned that if she wanted to stand out, she needed strong communication skills to clearly tell the story of what those numbers meant and why they were important to her audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When professionals think of business communication, they almost unanimously envision a conference room (or now perhaps a Zoom call) with a presenter, or a vibrant conversation or a sales pitch. But often overlooked in the context of communication is business writing. Email, chat and even meeting invites set the stage for those larger conversations that occur as a group. This LatimerNext course focuses on making the greatest impact possible through your keyboard.

Do you spend a large portion of your day communicating through writing? If so, it is critical to generate the greatest impact through your written word.

Either selling externally, or leading internally, make every word, sentence and email valuable to you and your readers. 

The term e-learning has become synonymous with a reactive approach of instructing, generally watching videos with basic tips and tricks. 

We differentiate ourselves at LatimerNext drastically from cheap or free alternatives and for those reasons we do not use the term e-learning.

Each LatimerNext experience includes personalized feedback, on your message, document and delivery skills. We believe you cannot take strides in your communication without practicing and receiving feedback.

This course also features The Latimer Model, a proven, repeatable set of frameworks hones and coached to leaders across the globe for 20 years. This proprietary methodology is proven to enhance communications skills and provide a repeatable set of tools to be reused by our clients throughout their careers. 

If we are not able to accommodate your needs through scheduling or logistics, LatimerNext has a lenient refund or reallocation policy.  We are a service first business, and our value is in the satisfaction of our clients. 

Upon enrolling in the course, you will get access to the the Latimer Network where the self-paced learning is housed within 24 hours. You will also be contacted about scheduling coaching sessions in that time, and coaching can commence as soon as possible depending on your plan and our availability.

By taking this course, you will learn to:

  • Cut through the noise and be heard, by writing less and becoming more clear and more concise
  • Save time, by becoming more efficient, consistent, confident and comfortable
  • Build credibility by enhancing your written professionalism
  • Better resonate with clients and colleagues for both external and internal application