The Job Search is a Test of Communication Skills

If you or someone you know is set to embark on a job search, or has completed one recently, you will likely agree that the art of finding a job is a skill unto itself. Why do those with the best backgrounds or the best skills not always land in the final chair? Because prospective […]

Is Your Internship Program Delivering Results…For You and For Your Interns?

It’s intern season! Let’s think critically about your internship program: Do your interns come away from the program polished, professional and employable? Do your interns absorb what they need to, organically? Do they need more training and development? Does your team have the capacity to deliver the quality of training that your interns deserve? Do […]

Maximize Employer Funded Continuing Education Stipend:

In today’s hot job market, companies are competing for employees, doing all they can to attract and retain top talent. A recent LinkedIn report found that “94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.” LatimerNext offers comprehensive solutions for employers to run career communication […]

The Best Interview Answers: STAR Method vs Story Board Method


At LatimerNext, we utilize our Story Board Framework in many ways. The framework lays out the value of thinking of communication in three segments: The Open, The Content and The Close. Whether creating a pitch deck for a client, or a best man speech, ensuring that all three phases are touched, however briefly, gives a […]

Is Communication a “Soft Skill”?

Communication is often labeled a “soft skill.” Implying it is secondary behind the dominant “hard skills” which are more easily measurable like engineering, coding, physics. At LatimerNext, we disagree! We think of communication differently. Without communication skills, even if you’re the best at what you do, you will find it hard to advance and grow […]