Do You Ramble When Speaking? These 3 Tips Will Help You Stop

Most people struggle to get to the point. Most people struggle with clarity and brevity. And this affliction is largely due to an inability to plan out the message, and prepare appropriately. Getting to the point quickly and clearly is not just a delivery technique. It is the output of organization and preparation. However, on top of good preparation, there are […]

You Control The Story You Tell

Do you ever have to participate in a standard, regularly-scheduled meeting within your company, where you (or someone you work with) presents updated data and information on the business/project? Do these meetings end up feeling like the same meeting over and over and over again? And do you ever end up feeling like there is an […]

Business Is a Team Sport

One of the primary goals of this blog is to share our team’s ideas on communication skills, and highlight all of the ways that great communication helps you thrive in the workplace. Great communication contributes to stronger leadership, collaboration, customer service, client retention, brand building, sales success… a long list of important success factors. We […]

The Essence of Presence

When we say someone has a strong “presence,” what does that actually mean? I mean, specifically, what does it mean? Ask 100 different people (and we have), you might get 50 different answers. A strong presence means different things to different people. And when you push people to define what it actually is, you tend to get […]

Five Steps to Make You a Better Storyteller

The primary focus of most LatimerNext courses is enhancing your ability to create and communicate your message — your story — powerfully and persuasively to your audience. Virtually all the work we do points back to that theme of great communication, and great storytelling. Even in the workplace, great stories are what will stand out among your clients and […]

Speaking Tips: 5 Ways to Calm Your Nerves

Asking people if they “get nervous” when they have to stand up and speak is almost not worth asking. For most of us, the answer is a resounding “yes.” No matter the context, be it leading a meeting, giving a wedding toast, interviewing for the next role, or pitching to a new client, we mostly […]

True Persuasion Comes from Being More than a Messenger

So often in preparing to communicate, be it for an interview, or a presentation, we make a fundamental mistake: we enter a messenger mindset. Rather than establishing a clear goal and aiming to persuade our audience, we set out to inform, to update, to share. On this path, we end our inquiry with a period: […]

Speaking Tip: First, Make Things Simple for YOU

Have you ever noticed that when people are making a business presentation, they make the story sound super complicated? However, often once the Q&A rounds begin, they can give simple, coherent answers. As an audience we collectively think, “Why didn’t you just say that in the presentation?” We see this all the time in our coaching. […]

Become the “No Distraction” Colleague

We live in a world of distractions, constant and loud. We are expected to be available to everyone all the time. We compete for mindshare with unlimited amounts of content and entertainment, and we have a social media landscape which can turn every day into an all-day conversation with friends all over the world. Quieting the mind, and […]

Speaking Tips: Build Your Message in Three Acts

At the heart of almost everything we teach is the concept of intentionality… preparing and communicating with intention and purpose. Great communication skills don’t just happen. Not without some thought, effort, planning, and yes, intention. In addition to being intentional about your message’s main points, we also encourage being intentional about the structure, sequence and […]