Is Your Team Client-Ready?

Is Your Team Client-Ready?

I can’t be in every meeting, I can’t meet with every client or customer, I can’t be everywhere at the same time… and when I am not there, are my colleagues as “client-ready” as I need them to be?

Every small business leader I have ever met, regardless of industry or business focus, is worried about the same thing. Or saying the same thing another way, they worry about how their employees will communicate with the marketplace, and represent the business when dealing with clients, customers, partners, or vendors.

Every small business goes through many of the same life cycle challenges: create the business off a vision; establish the business; build a market; grow the team; expand and scale… or try to. And as a business moves through this classic cycle, more and more of the business activities require that the owner or leader rely on other people. There is a significant amount of trust required, and a leap of faith to make, in order to trust colleagues to represent the business (and the owner) to the business world.

Is your team ready and able to do that? Do they have the communication skills you need them to have?

If your answer is “yes,” good for you. You are set up to thrive. If your answer is anything less than “yes,” then you have some choices to make. Because the world we are living in is noisy, and fast-paced, and highly distracted, which means that your team needs to be able to communicate well if they are going to represent you the way want them to.

Every small business owner needs their team to be able to represent them well to their market. And if they can’t, those business owners need simple training solutions to get their teams “client-ready” as quickly as possible.

That’s where we come in. Our team at LatimerNext is ready to give you the effective plug-and-play training solutions you need to make sure your team is ready to represent you to your marketplace.

We are living in a fast-paced, noisy world, and you need your team to be able to represent you clearly and effectively. We can help.


We believe great communication skills create opportunities, build connections and drive change.

We empower the next generation of business leaders with the communication skills to advocate for themselves and what they believe.

We coach these skills through engaging learning experiences designed for business success.

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