Need Management Approval? Have These 8 Answers Ready!

Need Management Approval? Have These 8 Answers Ready!

In our communication workshops, we work with clients from many countries, across several continents, and of course, in varying age groups: college students seeking their first jobs and internships, young professionals in the infancy of their careers, established professionals ready to take that next step, and leaders in need of next-level skills.

In our work with these individuals, we often find a disconnect between how the different levels within in an organization speak to each other. These differences across the generations exist on almost every level. Generations think about money differently. They look at the role work plays in their lives very differently. Feedback and rewards are viewed differently. They are motivated differently.

This can make communication between the generations challenging. But the reality is that in many cases, the Baby Boomers are the ones who sit at a level in their organizations that puts them in control of the operation of the business and therefore the budget. So good communication is a must, especially if you’re at a lower level and your work depends on leadership approval, be it internally or externally with clients.

So we find it no small wonder that ears perk up when we ask our NexGen clients “Are you asking your Baby Boomer boss for approval on a plan/budget/project? Then here are the questions you MUST have answers for…”

  1. What business problem will your idea/plan solve?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. What is the ROI?
  4. How long will your idea take to implement?
  5. What resources do you need to implement?
  6. How disruptive will it be during implementation?
  7. What is the exit/mitigation plan if you are wrong?
  8. Do we have to act now?


These are the questions most pressing to your bosses and  clients. It’s a simple case of knowing what’s important to your audience, and providing it. To the Baby Boomer in charge of the checkbook, having as many answers to the above questions as possible will put you well on your way to approval of your raise, your upcoming project, your product or your next great idea. Having these answers shows you did your homework, you prepared, and that you’re tuned in to what’s most important to those in charge.

Not a bad reputation to have in the workplace, is it?


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