Professional Development Startup LatimerNext Launches

Professional Development Startup LatimerNext Launches

February 28, 2022

Professional Development Startup LatimerNext Launches Innovative Courses Focused on Job Search and Workplace Communication Skills


Wallingford, Conn. – LatimerNext, a startup business focused on empowering next-generation professionals with vital workplace communication skills, has released an innovative platform consisting of interactive courses, personalized coaching and peer-to-peer feedback. LatimerNext’s initial course offerings, Sell Yourself and Powerful Presenter, are built on a proven skill-development model refined over twenty years by parent company The Latimer Group. LatimerNext will take The Latimer Group’s methodology directly to young professionals and pre-professionals, while The Latimer Group will continue offering its curriculum to its growing list of Fortune 500 client companies.

“We believe that great communication skills create opportunities, build connections, drive change, and that those skills can be taught, practiced and improved,” said Dean Brenner, CEO and Founder of both The Latimer Group and LatimerNext. “LatimerNext fulfills a specific hunger to get our model directly into the hands of more individuals, which is something that we have been regularly requested to do at The Latimer Group. LatimerNext is the result of 18 months of strategic thinking and preparation. It has opened a direct pathway to powerful and repeatable communications skills for people starting their careers, and who simply want to make themselves heard in a noisy world.”

At the core of LatimerNext’s course offerings is The Latimer Model, which breaks communication skills down into easily understood, deployable and repeatable steps. “Our model makes communication easier to think about, prepare for and execute. We teach a complete mindset-shift on how to approach projects and situations that demand these skills. People who invest their time in learning our model will dramatically improve their ability to advocate for themselves and for what they believe.”

LatimerNext was developed directly from The Latimer Group’s long track record of success helping corporate clients build powerful communication skills at all levels of the organization. “For two decades, we have seen first-hand how important these skills are inside every organization,” said Brenner. “Our model was built to respond to real-world needs, and for clients in a wide range of industries up and down the organizational chart. Effective communication is a ‘must have’ for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s business world.”

All LatimerNext courses mix self-paced learning with professional coaching and personalized feedback. “We provide a mixture of high quality, content-centric learning modules paired with interactive exercises, practice sessions and feedback opportunities. This balanced, holistic approach is a big part of what differentiates LatimerNext in the marketplace,” said Jacob Ward, Managing Director and Co-Founder of LatimerNext.

“Most ‘e-learning’ courses out there are based on passive content consumption by students, and those offerings are often cheap or free,” continued Ward. “Teaching someone how to interview for a job, for example, without giving them mock interviews, and without providing direct feedback, is simply a less effective approach. We believe in the proven power of The Latimer Model, and fundamental to the model is practice, feedback and active engagement.

LatimerNext provides immediate assistance to those actively seeking employment or in the midst of a career change, through the Sell Yourself Course. “Communication skills are listed as a requirement in nearly every job description. We take that a step further and think of communication as a ‘keystone skill’ for all career paths. These skills elevate every aspect of your core value. They create dramatic competitive advantages to help you find the next job, or excel at the one you have,” said Ward.

LatimerNext is entering the marketplace with two broadly applicable courses, and plans to expand its curriculum in the coming months. You can learn more about courses such as Sell Yourself and Powerful Presenter at

About The Latimer Group

Founded 2002, and headquartered in central Connecticut, The Latimer Group offers corporate clients multiple solutions to improve communication skills, at all organizational levels. This includes executive coaching, virtual and in-person workshops, and organizational consulting. Our average client tenure is over 10 years, and more than 98% of participants recommend our group workshops. Our approach includes simple methodologies with immediate impact, experiential learning with real-world scenarios and presentations, collaborative environments and honest, constructive feedback. We view outcome-oriented, audience-focused communication skills as a critical success factor, at all levels, for every company. To learn more, visit us at


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We believe great communication skills create opportunities, build connections and drive change.

We empower the next generation of business leaders with the communication skills to advocate for themselves and what they believe.

We coach these skills through engaging learning experiences designed for business success.

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